Our Community

  1. About Elwood

    See demographic and historical information as well as details on the village's location.

  2. Business Directory

    View a list of businesses that serve the Elwood community.

  3. Health Care

    Review a list of health care resources in the region.

  4. Housing

    A balance of housing options is required to keep a community sustainable.

  5. Libraries

    Check out what libraries are in the area.

  6. News/Information

    See recent news items from the Village Elwood.

  7. Online Payments

    View available bills to be paid online.

  8. Post Office

    Locate the Elwood Post Office and details pertaining to its operating hours.

  9. Schools & Education

    Look over a listing of area schools and other education-related resources.

  10. Senior "Benefit Access Program"

    Learn more about the programs and benefits you may qualify for as a senior.

  11. Transportation

    See some of the public transportation options that exist.

  12. Election & Voter Information

    View information intended to assist you with the voter registration process, and to inform the public of election information.

  13. Worship

    Learn more about local worship organizations.