Children’s Garden Project of Elwood

Visiting the Garden and Covid-19

The Garden is open to visitors at dawn and closes at dusk, and we ask that you follow the CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of Covid-19 by adhering to the following:

  • Practice social distancing with people outside your group
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
  • Refrain from visiting our facilities if you are not feeling well

On May 3rd, the schoolhouse and playhouse will be open; visitors are welcome to bring play accessories for these areas.  A restroom is available; the facility is not sanitized regularly and should be used at your own risk. Bikes are not permitted inside the Garden and should be kept in the parking area. Help preserve the Garden’s atmosphere and beauty by following designated pathways, not climbing trees or shrubs, picking fruits, vegetables, or flowers.  We sincerely hope you enjoy your time at the Children’s Garden.

Mission & Purpose

The Children’s Garden Project, founded in 1997, in cooperation with the Village of Elwood, Elwood School District and Jackson Township provides an enlightening and educational experience for the young and the young at heart who enjoy nature and gardening. The garden is dedicated to enrich the minds, hands and hearts of all who share a common bond with nature. Our Garden offers daily exploration that invites play and interaction with the natural environment.

Garden Guidelines

Please respect our community garden when visiting and observe the following guidelines:
  • Parents/Grown-ups please stay with children at all times.
  • The Garden picnic area is available for groups smaller than 10. All others call the village to reserve Lloyd Erickson Park Pavilion at 815-423-5011.
  • Stay on paths to protect the plant life.
  • Pets, bicycles, skateboards, smoking and alcohol are not permitted in the garden.
  • Flowers and vegetables are for display purposes only.
  • Clean-up areas after use.
  • Bathrooms at Llyod Erickson Park will only be open from 7am to 3pm. BATHROOMS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED.
As a reminder, children and young visitors should not be left alone in the garden at any time. Thank you for your cooperation in caring for the Children’s Garden.

Garden Safety

​Please be advised that the busiest times in the garden are between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. A "FULL TO CAPACITY" sign may be posted to ensure the safety of all visitors and to protect our outdoor environment. Thank you for your cooperation!
To speak to a Garden Keeper call 815-693-0214



The special moments in life can be commemorated by a walk through the Elwood Children’s Garden Project. That first Mother’s Day, Dad’s 50th Birthday, your wedding day, and so many more events can be engraved into a brick to remember forever. Your brick will be a personal contribution to the garden that your family can reminisce over as they enjoy their visit to the Elwood Children’s Garden. Bricks cost $100 each.

Please complete the Buy-a-Brick Form, and send a check and order from to:

Village of Elwood
RE: Brick Order
401 E Mississippi Avenue
Elwood, IL 60421