Truck Enforcement

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Overweight truck enforcement is another primary duty of the Elwood Police Department. The Illinois Vehicle Code governs the amount of weight large trucks can carry over various roadways. Violations of these laws can cause severe damage to our roads. One overweight truck can cause as much damage as hundreds of cars traveling the same route. The Elwood Police Department conducts truck enforcement on a daily basis as well as working with the Illinois State Police to ensure commercial motor vehicles receive a roadside safety check. By statute the ISP are they only agency authorized to perform commercial motor vehicle safety inspections.  During these roadside checks, commercial motor vehicles are checked for proper weight and given a thorough safety inspection by the State Police Motor Carrier Safety Officers. Through these roadside safety checks we limit the number of unsafe commercial vehicles traveling on our roadways.

Truck Permits

The Village of Elwood requires that trucks carrying oversize loads on all village maintained streets obtain an overweight permit.

Overweight General Provisions

The Village of Elwood uses an online Overweight Permit System. To request a local permit visit

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Ordinance 1129 - An Ordinance of the Village of Elwood Amending the Code of Ordinances of Truck Route Designation